The Craziest Fighting Videos of All Time

Martial Arts: Wushu Drunken Boxing
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Kicking KO #29
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Backyard Rasslin 1
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Title: Professional Wrestler Fights Audience

Category: Fighting Videos

Views: 3224

During a recent wrestling match Hero decided that one opponent wasnt enough for him and decided to get in a fight with a member of the paid audience.

Title: Security Guard Smack Down

Category: Fighting Videos

Views: 3998

Doesn't go into detail much with what is going on, but the security guard slaps the heck out of this guy.

Title: Bitch Fight.

Category: Fighting Videos

Views: 6250

Two bitch's have a big old rumble in the backyard, nasty stuff..

Title: Huge Chick Fight at Beach

Category: Fighting Videos

Views: 4902

A group of girls get in a fight over a guy at the beach. Starts off between just two girls and ends up being an all out brawl.

Title: Manager One Punches Bum At Quiznos

Category: Fighting Videos

Views: 3411

A bum walks into a quiznos and throws a weak punch at the manager. The manager quickly swings back dropping the dude to the floor.